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Why Am I A Realtor?

Because I love it. As a long time real estate owner and investor, I recognize the important role real estate can play in helping people achieve their long term financial goals. While real estate, like any investment, is cyclical in nature, it can offer many leverage and tax advantages not available with other investments. It is also finite- my Dad told me at an early age that the only thing you can't make more of is dirt!

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What Scott's Real Estate Clients Say

Scott was amazingly attentive and quickly responsive every time we needed to contact him. He often took the initiative to contact us and inform us of the most suitable possibilities or the next step in the process. He was personable and a joy to be with all the way through the process, which wasn't as quick and easy as I would have imagined. He even helped us make the best choice of all the house possibilities for our situation. I would recommend him with total confidence to anyone buying or selling a home.

Scott doggedly worked with us until we found exactly what we were looking for and then aided in the process of getting our bid accepted. After that he was point man on ALL the the inspections and necessary details. Bottom line, good guy , good local knowledge and personable.